Home Learning Music Session

👋🏻 Hi everyone, Mr Whittle here !

Below you will find a general lesson plan that I’ve prepared and a list of items that you will need (feel free to get creative).

 Once you have assembled the items needed you can sing and sign along to the Music session delivered by myself and Jill on YouTube which can be found below.

The activities in this session are ones that children in school are familiar with, and should hopefully respond to. Jill & I have done our very best but please bare with us as this is the first time we’ve sang and signed along to these songs since the lockdown began.

The beauty of this activity is that it’s something we repeat on a regular basis with minor changes to the tasks in-between, so feel free to repeat the session as many times as you like.

There is no pressure for the children to meet any expected requirements, but to simply enjoy the session and engage (even if that means just watching yourself and the adults on the screen singing).

I hope you are all well, and enjoy the session.

Stay Safe, Be brave 🌈

The music session can be found here:






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